At Alamo Waterproofing Services, we know that a small crack or leak can lead to significantly more serious problems down the line. That’s why we hire only the best commercial waterproofing technicians and workers to deal with any issues your property is currently facing, or may face in the near future. Waterproofing as a trade involves an array of different methods and products, and Alamo Waterproofing does it all; we guarantee all of our commercial waterproofing services will repel water from any surface new or old. We are a dedicated team of experts driven to keep the water out of your structure and restoring your structure to its former status if the signs of damage are already present.

Water Repellant Applications

Our company also provides clients with water repellent applications after we’ve patched everything up or filled in any cracks. We will keep the water at bay, ensuring protection for your above grade construction as well. We’ll use a specialized chemical compound that will penetrate deep into the substrate and form a shield against any water attempting to gain entry. The repellents are clear so as not to sacrifice the look you’re trying to achieve but rather provide the best of both worlds by maintaining full effectiveness. When you partner with Alamo for your waterproofing application, we can provide the protection your structure needs to withstand the hazards of time, weather, pollution, and more.

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