Managing thermal stress is often overlooked by property managers, but if left ignored, it can cause huge problems down the line. With thermal movement, concrete goes through various stages of expansion and contraction, and these fairly standard changes put extra stress on the joints. Over time, this pressure will develop cracks or flaws that decrease the strength of any waterproofing measures present, and leave a building vulnerable. Alamo Waterproofing Services offers clients a full range of building expansion systems to exceed most parameters. We provide a full line of trusted interior wall joints safe for use in office parks, retail establishments or other large commercial buildings, as well as exterior joints for use in heavy projects such as planters, tunnels and more.

Our Guarantee

We leave nothing undone at Alamo Waterproofing Services, and we take pride in covering all installation procedures promptly and professionally. Adverse conditions on the job site won’t stop us as we pride ourselves on coming up with ingenious solutions that will work within the parameters of any project. We are interested in getting the best deals for our clients and work with all the big manufacturers to make this happen. With Alamo Waterproofing Services, we guarantee long life at an incredible value through all of our building expansion systems, and we are constantly innovating and refining our process to stay ahead of the competition.

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